gino + dot backstory

we are formed on the wings and prayers of our ancestors.


Born just after the turn of the century, the two mid-western women saw both world wars, America’s rampant industrial growth and the victorious right to vote. Emerging from the trials were women who embodied the assiduous and hardworking essence of the era. However dedicated they persisted, Gino and Dot remained steadfast with servant hearts, weaving a legacy of family importance and unwavering love.

Gino + Dot rose out of a love of family and a love of creativity,
two essential fibers that fold both inspiration and authenticity into daily work life.

We celebrate the many threads of generational love fused into our family’s heritage and believe we are the heirs of those blessings. While having learned the basics of sewing from my mother, more importantly today, I watch as she picks up the family needle and continues to weave affirmation and encouragement through each new generation.

On the wings of our foremothers, we have combined a lifelong passion for design and a love affair with texture into the creation of modern patterns and products. Gino + Dot focuses on intentional design that blends meaningful backstory and relevant modern style. Each designer collection contains coordinated selections that provides the customer with a nice variety of choice.

We acknowledge the importance of a family-like business structure, taking pride in being homegrown. We purposely align ourselves with local talent and micro businesses, supporting the local economy while cherishing women entrepreneurs and cultivating a work place of fierce and loyal ladies.

So we’re here to celebrate our roots, embraced by our foremothers of faith who poured their time and love into the next generations. They not only passed down their genes, but their talents, treasures and supporting prayers.

we call it generational love. and we are grateful.